During the second Saturday of this November, Kelly and I were invited to the Bar Mitzvah of his cousin's son, Zachary. We had attended Zachary's brother's coming of age ceremony last year and it wasn't much different this time round.

Handsome family hor?

Both occasions have opened my eyes a little to Judaism. Mainly, I am amazed at the Jews' tenacity in keeping Hebrew and their customs alive even if they seem to have little relevance and much inconvenience to modern life. Take Shabbat for instance. It is observed from sundown Friday to nighttime Saturday and during this period, believers refrain from a few creature comforts we take for granted. Like working, writing or even taking automobiles. So if you live a distance from the temple, you just have to walk. No buses, no cars, no taxis.

Zachary chanting a passage from the Torah in Hebrew

While turning 13 doesn't seem very exciting for most kids since you still can't legally drink, club or watch movies beyond PG13, the same number means that a Jewish kid has come of age to take on the responsibilities of an adult. In the lead up to Bar Mitzvah, the kid must participate in community service as a form of giving back to society. I think that makes for a more meaningful and significant birthday right?

At the end of the service, Zachary is seated in a chair then hoisted up by 4 strong men out of the room. They do this at Jewish weddings too. I don't know if there is a significance but it all looks very fun to me!

The ceremony took place in the morning and there was a dinner party complete with fake tattoos, disco lights and a DJ spinning. I didn't take any pics at night. In the interim, we visited Kelly's dad. See how prettily their house is decorated for Halloween?

Scarecrows, geddit?

Introducing Buddy! Would you believe that this is a 7 months old Maltese? Though the seller assured Kelly's dad that Buddy is a purebred, we are starting to think that maybe he has a bit of poodle blood in him. That is one big puppy with super long legs!
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