1. You know how the tagline ends! I love some Kit Kat and think the Japanese are so clever in coming up with weird but good tasting concoctions.

When I visited Kyushu, I got their limited edition Yuzu, chilli pepper and wasabi Kit Kat. It might sound like a strange combination in one chocolate wafer stick but the flavours work. Taste-wise, you get more Yuzu and chilli pepper with just a tingsy twinge of wasabi. That slight kick of spice balances the sweetness amazingly.

2. More Kit Kat!

Heart the green tea ones. I asked Kelly to get me 2 boxes when he transited at Narita airport. I really want to try the soy sauce and apple cider flavours. Anyone stopping in Japan then LA?

3. Langue De Chat.

French sounding name aside, you MUST get this if you are ever in Fukuoka! Thin macha paste sandwiched between 2 thin biscuits = yummy! Have you seen this in Tokyo?

4. My latest favourite, Chip! Chop.

I usually don't like salty and sweet together but this, I can't stop eating till the entire packet is gone.

And contrary to what it looks like, I really don't snack a lot.
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  1. Senorita Woo Says:

    Hey girl, K bought the soya sauce one from Tokyo... i personally haven't tried it yet. but he says it's quite nice leh.. I think it's just a really weird combination.. = )