Kelly's colleague was in town with his fiancee so we all met up for dinner then hit club Boulevard 3.

Sidetrack a bit. I think it's crazy to party in countries with cold cold weather. I always see girls wearing short itsy bitsy dresses even when the weather falls below 10 degrees weather and stand in line for a long time just to get inside some club. But that night, I was one of those silly girls. :p

Kelly loves trance which totally puts me to sleep. Whenever we party with his local friends, I just end up drinking a lot. Like how does one dance to ambient music? Boulevard 3 though, was fun for me. It was all Top 40 hits and we dance away while Kelly snoozed.

I love the scantily clad dancers.

The fiancee is one hot Latina mama and she was definitely shaking it throughout. She tried to teach me her sexy moves but I burst out laughing. Undaunted, she kept trying. Embarrassed, I had to keep laughing.

At one point, there was a dance off on stage and this little boy held his own against the men. I swear you could hear all the girls go 'awwww'.

This girl beat the guys at tap dancing!

By right need to pay for bottle service to get a table. But there were so many empty tables upstairs so we just cop one. No one chased us away and we had lots of space to dance!

Favourite pictures of the night. First time I put falsies myself. Didn't do that good a job but my eyes did look bigger. I love the ones from Shu Uemura because they are so soft and natural but also expensive. Need to scout for more affordable brands.
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