Saturday was too beautiful a day to be staying home or running errands. So we decided to drive down to Santa Monica and watch the sunset.

A serene sight.

LA would not be LA without its palm trees.

After a quick dinner, we decided to pop in at Kelly's cousin's home as he lived nearby. Say hi to 7 weeks old Cameron!

Cameron and I, it's complicated. We have yet to figure out if he is my first cousin once removed (as the Americans would say) or my nephew (in Singapore terms).

This is the youngest baby Kelly has ever held. Can you tell?

Kelly got lucky. Once I got Cameron, he proceeded to regurgitate his milk, fart loudly a few times and poop. All while I was holding him. Does he hate me?

I have never ever seen a snoring baby in my life! On the cuteness scale, he's on par with my snoring cat.
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