Bad Singlish exists but the worse crime lies in celebrating it. Once again, our exotic accent is displayed in its full splendor in US game, Just Cause 2. Watch it and tell me that you still feel pride in being a native English speaker. My mask of horror unfroze enough for me to chio dou peng (laugh till I fall). I'm not sure there are shards of the language left for us to butcher.

Comments from gaming forums:

"I love this game just her VA (Voice Acting) is just so terribad."

"It sounds to me like she should be reading fortunes over the phone."

"She should never be allowed to say 'people' 'comrade' or 'metal' ever again."

"I hate her voice. I hate her face. I also hate that manly walk she does to the chopper."

"I wanna rip out her vocal chords! Her accent is so damn annoying."

"Every time Bolo Santosi speaks I want to hit her voice actress with a brick."

"I die a little inside every time Bolo Santosi opens her f**king mouth. I still can't bring myself to skip cutscenes."

"That Bolo Santosi woman might actually be the worst voice I've ever heard in a videogame."

"What is the problem everyone seems to have with her? She has a heavy accent but it sounds reasonably exotic to me."

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