To celebrate our second ROM anniversary, Kelly told me to pick a restaurant, any restaurant. I'm the go all out or go good and cheap type when it comes to food so I was hesitant with making a decision.

After some discussion, we settled on the 1 Michelin star molecular gastronomy restaurant, The Dining Room at The Langham. Bonus for this TV addict, the Chef de Cuisine was winner of Top Chef season six.

I happily got my makeup professionally done and straightened my hair.

Kelly thinks I'm fussing but I didn't want him to see me looking like I do everyday. At least must look extra hot on our anniversary right?

I really wanted the Chef's menu which has to be ordered by the entire table. Because of Kelly's aversion to seafood, we asked if certain dishes could be substituted. The answer came back negative and our server suggested we do the 4 course menu and added ala carte dishes.

Even though I told Kelly I was ok with their recommendation, he decided to indulge me. Imagine hearts popping out of my eyes. By the time we placed our order, we were starving.

Our dinner started with an amuse bouche. The parfait of powdered salmon, horseradish and cream cheese had an interesting texture but I found 3 powders too dry on the tongue. Poor Kelly took one spoonful and contained his urge to spit it out.

First course was a perfectly cooked piece of langoustine on a bed of white asparagus in a delicious bouillabaisse bisque that I mopped up with my bread. Strangely, the calamari crisps reminded me of papadum.

The chef compromised and substituted Kelly's first course with a colourful harvest of garden vegetables. He gobbled everything and paused to mumble "It's really gooood" when I asked.

Our second course was a pretty presentation of foie gras terrine with wild strawberries and rice crispies. Salty, sweet and tart, it was sublime.

Next course was trout topped with porcini puffs and a sweet hibiscus foam which would not be missed in this dish. But that fish was the best I had in my life! It melted in my mouth like butter. I was the happy recipient of Kelly's intense dislike for seafood.

A deconstruction of the Reuben sandwich, our fourth course featured pastrami pigeon, sauerkraut gelee, cheese crisps and rye sauce. The pigeon was chewy and a tad salty.

Doesn't Kelly look like Mona Lisa here? In between courses, we had divine bacon rolls with goat cheese butter, butter from Vermont and butter from France.

Lamb shoulder confit and coffee cardamom soil. I can't remember all the components of this dish but I remember the lamb was perfectly cooked.

Mmm mmm mmm, Japanese Kuroge beef with marrow toast, a pea roll, matsutake mushrooms and Bordelaise sauce. I savoured every bit of it.

Isn't the presentation wonderful? Kelly was so full by the time this dish arrived that he didn't take a single bite. This was one of the highlights of the night, such a pity!

After the savoury courses, we were served a palate cleanser of peanut butter and jelly which had been blasted with nitrogen to form tiny icy dots.

The guy who cannot take another bite has space for desserts and it's written all over his face.

So eager that he cannot snap a clear pic of his Baba Au Rhum with pineapple, kiwi and coconut. Verdict? Really really good.

My pic came out blurry too.

My dessert went by the intriguing name of Fool's Gold. It composed of a salty hazelnut praline sprinkled with gold pieces, a chocolate sorbet and cocoa tuille. This is perfect for chocolate lovers but it was too much for me after a heavy meal.

The 3 tai tais seated next to us were invited to meet the Chef de Cuisine in the kitchen. After their turn, the same invitation was extended to us! It must have been a long tiring day in the kitchen but Chef Michael Voltaggio was very personable. Arrgh, where are the fake lashes I had bought for tonight's occasion?

Awaiting our return was a trio of mignardise. The lemon curd was too sweet after my dessert but I love the passion fruit candy with its edible wrapper, reminded me of 白兔. The chocolate lolliPOPs lived up to their name. Hidden inside were pop rocks candy so you heard and felt them pop in your mouth.

This was my first molecular gastronomy experience and it was a subtle introduction which I would definitely like to explore more of. It was also the first time I have whipped out a camera at an expensive place and I was kind of embarrassed. Since the tai tais were doing the same, I feel slightly more justified. All in all, it was a wonderful culinary experience for me.

Thank you and happy anniversary!
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  1. kelly Says:

    Happy anniversary! Now, I am hungry!

  2. tigger Says:

    Happy anniversary!