One cannot get very far in LA without a car. Wikipedia says residents spend 4 days a year stuck in traffic and no wonder, LA has the highest per-capita car population in the world. I don't know where the statistics are culled from and its veracity but it's a fact that LA is car city. And precisely why people forget it is a great place for walking too.

The weather helps, most times it's neither too warm or too cold. Plus a sprawling city gives rise to neighbourhoods with unique character. The other day, I took an hour long walk and spotted some interesting things.

I love how they bother to embellish the humble utility boxes with serious art. This particular one has been painted with (my guess) colourful Aztec people.

Looking up yields unexpected finds too like this cute Maneki Neko painted on the side of a building.

Who doesn't like a cat mural on the exterior of a school? This feline by the name of Room 8 is so famous, he's been in magazines and has a children book written about him. He's long gone to kitty heaven now but his story is read to new students each year.

Have you seen such beauty flowering from a cactus? I love the symmetry and lilac shade of the bloom. There are also lots of beautiful houses with nice gardens but I can't feature them on a public blog. Hopefully I get to explore more fun neighbourhoods when I get there, by driving.
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