Last Weekend, Kelly and I made our way to Wayfarers Chapel.

This romantic chapel of wood and glass was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. His design inspiration came from the Muir Woods which Kelly and I visited in January. He wanted this chapel to be a union of architecture and nature celebrating God's presence.

A couple was getting married in church so we couldn't go in yet.
But we took the time to tour the surroundings.

Isn't this triangle fountain special? I think it might represent the Holy Trinity. We also saw a long brick path with names and a message on each brick.

Entrance to the chapel. *sigh* Isn't it lovely?

To be able to worship God in nature...

See the prayer etched on the steps of the altar? I used to have to say it every Wednesday during school assembly.
Isn't this gorgeous?

Holy water, glass ceiling, exit

A path of redwood trees leads out of the chapel. Branches on either side arch to form a natural canopy much like a cathedral arches.

The beautiful scenery around Wayfarers Chapel includes the Pacific Ocean.

Parting shots

On our way home, we saw someone para-gliding. The view must be great from up there.

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