I told Kelly about my trip to Huntington garden and he wanted to see it for himself. So we made plans to visit the following weekend which was perfect because the Chinese garden was newly opened.

Below: Her expression and layers of clothing reminds me of empress dowagers in those China Tv dramas. I know I know, my imagination runs too wild..

A lot of effort was put into this place to make it authentic. They even created a man-made spring. The whole place reminds me of a Hong Kong TV drama set!!! Can you spot me in the pictures?

Kelly's initial plan was to propose at the Chinese garden but there were just too many people. Hee, see this pic! He looks so calm hor? I didn't notice anything amiss for the whole day! Brownie points!

This is my favourite picture. Stare long enough and it starts feeling like a time warp is taking place.

We then hit the Japanese garden. There is a serenity about this place that makes you thread softly and talk in whispers. More on the Japanese garden here.

After we finished touring the garden, I asked Kelly if he wanted to do it again and he said yes. After strolling past the pond, I felt him pulling my hand. Immediately the thought flashed through "He's going to propose!". I started laughing and so did he. Then we stood there dumbly waiting. Finally to break the ice, I took sweet out of my bag and offered him some. He completely lost his nerve after that. -_-

So we continued strolling. I spotted a row of sakura trees with beautiful pink blossoms and pointed it out to him, "That is a beautiful spot!". I simply meant to say it's beautiful but my mind must have been on the proposal when I added "spot".

*Pause from Kelly* Thinking he wasn't going ask, I walked on. Then I felt a tug on my right hand and Kelly started saying something. My mind went blank. I heard some words and saw him putting the ring on my finger. I haven't said YES and he was putting on the ring already! NOOO...
So I tried pulling my hand away but he held on to it, trying to push the ring on my finger now. The tug of war would be pretty comedic if both of us wasn't nervous. In the end, I asked Kelly to do it 3 times before he finally got it right.

Before leaving, we checked out the gift store and found this stone! It was perfect for the occasion!

I can't help feeling a bit wistful now that it is over. I wondered how my proposal will be like and of cos there is always a fantasy one. So now that it is done, it feels so OVER. :( Can I have a proposal every year with different styles?
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