Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

St Patrick's Day traditionally falls on 17 March but due to a clash with Holy Week in 2008, the Vatican church officially moved St Patrick's to 15 March this year. This is the first time the date has been changed since 1940 and the next change is only expected in 2016.

We ROMed today which means we got married on St Patrick's Day!!! Since Kelly might be 1/4 Irish, this is so apt! If we had known earlier, we could have gotten this 4 leaf clover ring for exchange.

I always believe that pets should be au naturel so I hate it when people dress up their pets (unless it is winter and cold of cos). But when searching for images of St Patrick's Day, I came across this cutie. We plan to have a miniature daschund just like this one and they looked soooo adorable in a costume! I don't know now... what do you think?
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