I'm interrupting my trip postings to present {drum rolls} Rudolphine. Undiscovered sister of Rudolph, that famous red nose.

I had a minor minor surgery just now to remove a growth. Hence the plaster at the tip of my nose. After surgery, the nurse was very considerate to cut the plaster as small as possible. But people still gave me weird looks. One kindly old lady even chatted with me about her growth removing experiences and advised me to slap on sunscreen at all times.

I seem to have gained an addictive personality since I got here. Tudors, Twilight and now Dulce De Leche shortbread kisses. Dulce De Leche is a Portuguese Milk Syrup which tastes like caramel. Kelly and I ordered the shortbread as part of our dessert buffet at the wedding. Incidentally that was my most favourite part of the evening.

We haven't had any since the wedding and this week I was in the vicinity of the bakery. So I popped in and got us some. Now that I have been reminded about how good they are, I am definitely going back for more!

Get your mind out of the gutter! ;)

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