Chinatown, Internationl District

We start the day with a Dim Sum breakfast.

Since the area is shared by Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese, the title of International District was added to Chinatown.

Our first picture of 2009!

After brunch, we decided to walk off the calories. I spotted this weird parking payment box which works on a trust system. Decide how long you need to park, calculate the cost and insert the money into a tiny hole next to your parking lot number.

Another payment kiosk but definitely more high tech.

I like this pic. Looks like I am in London.

In the background is Seattle's Downtown and the Pioneer Square Historical District. The foreground shows train tracks for their new 'MRT'.

Pioneer Square, Historical District

My fav photo of the trip. Love the moody feel.

Look at the ivy creeping all over the face of the building behind us!

Sculpture in the Plaze depicting firemen at work. A nod to the city's heritage.

The Native Americans settled in Seattle long before men from the midwest arrived and took away their lands.

The totem pole and sculptures commerate the history of modern Seattle.

It was cold and rainy. Lucky the boys had hoods to shield their heads. Aren't they adorable?

Another old building in Pioneer Square.
It was so foggy that the top of the building was shrouded.

A missionary.

Museum of Flight

After exploring the historical district, we headed to University Village for shopping. At night, we visited the Museum of Flight.

How cute is this? I like how this Christmas display reflects the theme of the museum!!!

Planes in the air, planes of the ground. They were all life size. Imagine how big the museum is!!!

I like the vintage planes best. Don't they look like toy planes hanging in the air like that?

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