Boeing Factory

We started New Year's Eve with a tour of the Boeing factory and Future of Flight Aviation Center.

Cameras and phones were not allowed on the factory tour. So we only took pictures in the Aviation Center.

A plane and its parts.

Kelly auditioning to be a steward on Boeing's Dreamliner.

Experiencing what it is to be a pilot. I wonder how they remember the functions of all those buttons, switches and controls... I have new admiration for them.

Driving Past Space Needle

The weather was grey and gloomy the whole time we were there. Hence, we didn't see any point in going up the observation deck of Space Needle. While driving on the highway, Kelly snapped this pic. It was our only pic of Space Needle. I noticed a dragon next to it. Must be decorations for Chinese New Year.

Starbucks Headquarters

Kelly was attempting to jump here. But the camera caught him at a weird angle. Heh.

I love how they built the famous siren at the top of the clock tower.

Krispy Kremes!

Mustn't forget the quintessential American food.

The place where sinful doughnuts are born.

Ooh, which one caught your eyes?

I expected a long shelf of doughnuts and was disappointed with the small counter. The Christmas tree doughnut was specially created for the holidays! Filled with mint filling, yummies!

Isn't the box cute?

Want to own a Krispy Kreme shop?

There were also Christmas ornaments for sale. I love this snow globe one.

Look at what we bought!

Everyone was grinning away lor.

Underground Tour at Pioneer Square

Next, we headed for the historical district of Seattle.

Seattle was once ravaged by a huge fire. Many buildings and roads were totally destroyed. Instead of restoring the city, the founding fathers decided to build on top of the destruction. How innovative!

We gathered at this building for a tour briefing first.

It's a pub by night. I love the chandeliers and early 19th century feel to it.

The tour begins at a dark ominous alley...

Down the steps behind this gate.

Before the new city was built, people shopped underground. They had to climb ladders to access the shops and many drunks fell to their deaths. The guide also mentioned ghost sightings abound. He himself spotted a ghostly spectre once, while taking visitors on the tour. Hard not to believe him in the cold eerie surroundings.

Whenever we walked outside, I took the chance to snap away at beautiful Pioneer Square. See that structure in the middle? It's a parking garage which is said to resemble a sinking ship.

I say it's more like a cheesecake. All a matter of perspective right?

One of these doors lead to a staircase to underground. Can you see which one?

Countdown Party at Ivar's Salmon House

At night, we went for a late dinner at 10pm. The restaurant had a view of the Space Needle and we hoped to catch the fireworks display there at midnight.

Sorry for my shaky hands. It was damn cold!

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